How To care of Eyes

How to take care of eyes

Eye is an important part of our body, you cannot do anything without eyes. You can see the world with your eyes and you can do all things with your eyes. It is necessary to protect or care for the eye.

Some tips for eye care –

  • Eyes should be washed with water 10 to 12. times a day.
  • Cotton cloth or napkin must be to wipe the eyes.
  • As soon as waking up in the morning, 5,6 splatter in the eyes with water, it brightens the eyes.
  • Eat fish
  • Use fish oil.
  • Do not run more mobiles, TV computers and laptops.
  • Give the eyes some rest time and while working or driving the mobile, you have to close the eyes and massage with light hands.
  • While working in the laptop, put a anti reflected glass, so that the light that does not reach the eyes.
  • Do not play TV mobile and computer till late night.
  • Do not run computer and mobile in the dark.
  • If you get in the sun, then you should put a sun glass.