Jatt Nu Ragad ke Rakhta  Ni Tere Gore Rang Ne – Jigar, Gurlez Akhtar | Video Song

Jatt Nu Ragad ke Rakhta
Ni Tere Gore Rang Ne

This is a “Filmy” song which has been released in the month of “December” in the year 2021. The title name of this song is “Gora Rang”. Kiran Brar, Jigar starring/cast in Gora Rang song. The song “Gora Rang” is sung by “Jigar, Gurlez Akhtar“. The song “Gora Rang” is in the language “Punjabi”. Whose author is “Rony Ajnal & Gill Machhrai“. “Gora Rang” is published by ” Planet Recordz“.


Which singer has sung “Gora Rang” song?
Song “Gora Rang” is sung by “Jigar, Gurlez Akhtar”.

Which movie song is “Gora Rang”?
This music is not from any movie, and this song has not been featured in any movie, it is just a video song.

Which writer wrote to “Gora Rang”song?
The song “Gora Rang” is written by “Rony Ajnal & Gill Machhrai”.

How to download “Gora Rang” song?
If you like this song and you want to download it, then you search in google and download.