What Should Be Bank Account Details Fill In AdSense Account ?

Google has created a platform from which CREATOR can make money from their hard work. And you can get that money directly in your bank account.

How To Do

If you are a Youtuber or a blogger, then go to the section of Monetization from your YouTube and sign up, and if you are a blogger then you add your website to AdSense. Then follow following steps and and back account details for receiving money.

  • Login to AdSense then click on Account.
  • Then click in the Payment Method.
  • Now fill your bank information in the blank box.
  • Then enter the SWIFT BIC code.

1 – If the bank does not have SWIFT BIC code, then go to the nearest bank and fill the SWIFT BIC code.
2 – If you have an SBI account, then find out SWIFT BIC CODE in the bank, if there is no SWIFT BIC code in it, then after SBININBB write the last 3 digits of your bank branch code, like my bank’s branch code is SBIN0004617, then I will fill SBININBB617 in swift bic BOX.

  • After that fill your personal information then SAVE it.
  • Then Google AdSense will send money to your bank account between 21st to 26th of the month when you complete $100 or more.