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Set Automatic Title Name in Image ALT Attribute Name without Plugins

Image ALT Attribute

To understand the search engine in the website, there is an ALT attribute, by whose name it can be identified whose photo is.

How to Add Name in ALT attribute using code-

>> Open your active theme and paste given code in functions.php.

add_action( 'add_attachment', 'my_set_image_meta_upon_image_upload' );
function my_set_image_meta_upon_image_upload( $post_ID ) {

// Check if uploaded file is an image, else do nothing
if ( wp_attachment_is_image( $post_ID ) ) {
$my_image_title = get_post( $post_ID )->post_title;
// Sanitize the title: remove hyphens, underscores & extra spaces:
$my_image_title = preg_replace( '%\s*[-_\s]+\s*%', ' ', $my_image_title );
// Sanitize the title: capitalize first letter of every word (other letters lower case):
$my_image_title = ucwords( strtolower( $my_image_title ) );
// Create an array with the image meta (Title, Caption, Description) to be updated
// Note: comment out the Excerpt/Caption or Content/Description lines if not needed
$my_image_meta = array(
'ID' => $post_ID, // Specify the image (ID) to be updated
'post_title' => $my_image_title, // Set image Title to sanitized title
'post_excerpt' => $my_image_title, // Set image Caption (Excerpt) to sanitized title
'post_content' => $my_image_title, // Set image Description (Content) to sanitized title
// Set the image Alt-Text
update_post_meta( $post_ID, '_wp_attachment_image_alt', $my_image_title );
// Set the image meta (e.g. Title, Excerpt, Content)
wp_update_post( $my_image_meta );

Then SAVE functions.php file.

when you upload any image in website, then automatic add entered title name in alt attribute.