How To Withdraw Money Using SBI YONO App

How to withdraw money using SBI YONO App

SBI YONO app is an official transaction app created by sbi, with the help of this app you can also transfer money to mobile recharge, tv recharge and anyone’s account.

Right now I want to tell you through this post how you can withdrow paise from yono.

First process

  • First of all, install the SBI YONO app on your smartphone.
  • Now register yourself in YONO by filling the information of Internet banking or ATM card.
  • Now after registration in the app, your YONO app will open and from that you click on YONO CASH.
  • Now click on the option with ATM and enter Amount as much as you want to withdraw.
  • Then after clicking in NEXT, you can create any Six-digit PIN.
  • Now, after clicking on the next, you click on the confirm button by clicking in I AGREE TO THE TERMS AND CONDITION.
  • now CODE or REFERENCE number will send by SBI on your REGITERDED mobile number.

Second process

  • Go to any ATM machine of SBI and click on YONO or YONO CASH.
  • Enter the REFERENCE number.
  • Now enter Amount which you wrote AMOUNT in YONO app.
  • Now enter the six digit PIN you created in the YONO app.

In this way you can withdraw money using the YONO app.

Some questions and answers

Does ATM Card required for YONO ?
Yes, when one has to register in YONO. ATM card is required only if you do not have netbanking and have to register on YONO.

Is YONO cash completely safe?
Yes, it is completely safe, just you will not tell your YONO app PIN to anyone.

How much money can I withdraw from YONO in one go?
As much as the bank has given the limit, you can withdraw money from the YONO app, you can withdraw 20000 at a time.