Change Registered Mobile No From ATM Machine SBI

Registered Mobile Number

You have any Bank Account, so please ADD your mobile number to your bank account, its help more security to your bank account like OTP, internet banking Code etc.

How To Change Registered Mobile Number

You can Change Registered Mobile No. of SBI Bank Account using ATM Machine.
Follow These Steps on ATM Machine
Insert ATM card in ATM Machine
>> Select Registration
>> Enter Password (when Asking)
>> Mobile Registration
>> Change Mobile No
>> Enter Old Mobile No. Then Re-Enter old Mobile No.
>> Enter New Mobile No. Then Re- Enter New Mobile No.
>> After Complete These process Then Bank Send You To OTP and Ref. Number. on Your New Entered Mobile Number.
==> Then Send You SMS <ACTIVATE> <OTP> <REF.NO> send to 567676 within 4 hour (ex. ACTIVATE 548756 A0000458754 SEND TO 567676
>> Then Bank will be calling .(with in 48 Hour)  and Your name, Account No, and New Mobile No. Asking from Bank Employee.
>> After Call Verification Success then Changed Your Registered Mobile No.

People also ask

Can Change mobile number from ATM machine?
Yes, You can change your STATE BANK OF INDIA account’s mobile number using ATM machine.