How To Add Meta Description Box 1st Step Open functions.php first. Now paste given code there. // Add meta box function custom_meta_box() { add_meta_box( ‘custom-meta-box’, __(‘Meta Description’, ‘textdomain’), ‘custom_meta_box_callback’, ‘post’, // Change this to ‘page’ if you want the meta box on pages ‘side’, ‘high’ ); } add_action(‘add_meta_boxes’, ‘custom_meta_box’); // Meta box callback function function […]


Google photos is android mobile photo viewer and manager. You can see all device’s photo and video on Photos app, And you can directly send and manage. How to Secure Photos on Google Photos app Open google photos app. Then click to Library and click on Utilities. Then scroll down and click to Locked Folder. […]

QR code from google chrome

You can make simple QR code for URL using Google chrome desktop’s web browser. So let see how can make QR code from computer – Open Google chrome first. Then click to Threedot then click on Save and share option. Then click to Create QR code. How to Download created QR code When you finish […]

If you want to set automatically image on left, right or center with small, medium or full size. But not know how to set automatically . So use given code on your WordPress theme. How to Set Automatically image settings Open functions.php file and paste given code there. function wps_attachment_display_settings() { update_option( ‘image_default_align’, ‘left’ ); […]


Make Table of content without plugins and show all type of headings in one section. If any one click to table of content’s heading then scrolled to paragraph of heading. Add TOC without plugins First of all open your website’s theme. Then open functions.php file and paste given code there. function generate_table_of_contents($content) { $pattern = […]


Use two WhatsApp account in one WhatsApp official app. Just follow simple steps and do it. How to Open WhatsApp app first. Then go to settings then click on Account. Now click to Add account option and follow instructuons. Now enter another mobile no. for WhatsApp account. hope this article helpful for you. Have another […]