Should you take a diesel car or a petrol car?


Petrol is also called gasoline. It is used as a fuel. The price of petrol is much higher than the price of diesel, but petrol proves to be very good, which you can understand due to the following reasons –

  • They are more flammable than other fuels even at low temperatures.
  • It is a fluid that cannot freeze in cold.
  • The mileage of petrol car is less.


Diesel is made by cooling petrol in several stages. The price of diesel is much less than the price of petrol and diesel proves to be very good as well.
The mileage of a diesel car is higher than that of a petrol car.

More Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Which car does more mileage?
Should you take a diesel car or a petrol car?There are many cars in the market that give good mileage, but whenever you get a new car, see both the mileage of the petrol car and diesel car. diesel car give more mileage than petrol car.

who is cheaper price in petrol or diesel ?
Diesel is cheaper in price because diesel’s tax (TAX) is less in transporting.