Do not kill innocent bird due to bird flu.

Bird Flu

Bird flu, as it can be known by the name, is a deadly disease in birds, which is called bird flu. If this disease occurs in a bird, it starts spreading continuously from one bird to another. If a bird suffers from this disease and comes in contact with a person, then this disease can prove fatal on humans.

Ways to avoid bird flu

  • Avoid contact with any bird.
  • Do not eat the flesh of any creature.
  • If you are fond of raising birds, then bathe your bird daily.

Order to kill birds!
There are some politicians who lack the brains, they only see it from one perspective. Due to bird flu disease, these leaders are ordering the killing of innocent birds. But they are never think that birds are dying due to radiation, and not think well about bird.

Do not kill innocent bird!
If you are afraid of bird flu then stay away from the bird. And avoid contact with the bird. But do not kill any bird.