Best Free Cache Plugin for WordPress

If your website performance slow? and you want to make better performance? So i recommend some free cache plugins for your WordPress website.

Top 5 Free Cache Plugins

  1. LiteSpeed Cache – It offers server-level caching. Use LiteSpeed Cache plugin and increase website speed and performance. This plugin created by LiteSpeed Technologies.
  2. WP Super Cache – this plugin created by automattic. Its simple and usable plugin for WordPress.
  3. W3 Total Cache – It offers various caching methods and integration with CDNs. And this plugin created by BoldGrid.
  4. WP Fastest Cache – this plugins created by Emre Vona. Its available free and paid. If you are beginner and you have no money so you can use free version. Otherwise go to paid verion for extra advantage.
  5. WP Rocket – Its popular and premium cache plugin.  WP Rocket plugin doing page caching, browser caching, and more to optimize website speed. If you want to like this plugin so download from and install it. Its not available on WordPress plugin store.