How to increase hemoglobin. Does eating increases blood and cleanses.

Steps to increase hemoglobin

In today’s era, you do not get the right amount of protein, calcium carbohydrate, etc. from drinking and eating, so you have to attention in eating and drinking. Because lack of blood causes problems like weakness, body pain and dizziness. So it becomes important to attention to eating and drinking, then you should eat some things like fruits and things that increase blood.

Let us know some tips that help in increasing blood –

  • Eat beetroot with black salt, whether with food or drink beet juice.
  • Eat pomegranate or drink juice.
  • Drink Mixed
  • orange and pomegranate juice, the strength will increase.
  • Drink beetroot and carrot juice.
  • The fig, dry grapes etc. should be soaked in water and its water and fig grapes should be drunk or eat.
  • Put gram and peanut varieties in water and eat in the morning, it gives strength.
  • Take Makhana in ghee and roast cashew nuts, almonds and walnuts and eat it daily during evening or eat when you are hungry, your weakness will go away and strength will start increasing.
  • Eat red vegetables
  • Drink carrot juice.
  • Drink Milk [ make Mishri and Makhana’s powder by grinding cashew almonds and add it to milk].
  • Eating eggs and  fish, to remove weakness also gives great benefits.
  • Consumption of fish also benefits and increases the eyes power and gives you health benefits.
  • Eat green vegetables.
  • Drink bitter gourd juice and gourd juice, it works to clean the blood.
Posted By – Kalpana