How To Download Google Chrome

Google chrome

It is a free web browser created by Google. With the help of extensions in Google Chrome browser, there are options to block ads appearing in the website or save login form in website etc.

How to download

You can download and install the Google Chrome browser on your smartphone and computer.

In mobile
Go to your smartphone’s app store, search Google Chrome and click on the install button and download it.

In computer
Click the link below to download setup and then RUN the downloaded setup, Google Chrome browser will be downloaded to your computer in a few minutes.
Download Google Chrome – Click Here

Frequently Asked Questions

Can i download Google Chrome on mobile?
Yes ! You can install Google Chrome browser on your Android device and iOS device.
What is Google Chrome?
Google Chrome is a type of web browser in which you can access a web page.
Where is Google Chrome’s company?
Google Chrome is a Google-made web browser and Google is an American company. So Google Chrome is also the web browser of US country.
Is Google Chrome a completely secure web browser?
Google is a popular and trustworthy company that can be trusted. If you want a security-rich web browser, then you can choose Google Chrome and Microsoft EDGE or Internet Explorer.