About Coffey 08

coffeCoffey 08 is an independent artist. His official name is Samuel John. He is melody maker , rnb vocalists , music producer, singer.

Love Is Not Forever But Memories Stay Everlasting

About Samuel John

Stage Name coffey 08
Official Name Samuel John
Date of Birth 03-08-2004

He started a career when he get betrayed by a girl whom he loved so such. For him no one was important except her because when she be with him , he used to reject all his works and focus on her .

But later, coffey 08 understand that his sweetheart was using him, and as the day went they get apart. Coffey 08 learned the lesson of her betraying, he cried but for that girl it doesn’t matter . Later he used to write lyrics and try to sing. And now coffey 08 become a brand.

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What’s DOB of Samuel John ?
DOB is 03-08-2004 of Samuel John.
Who is founder of coffey 08?
Samuel John is founder of coffey 08