OPM Amlai Mandir यह मंदिर जिला शहडोल, राज्य मध्य प्रदेश मे के अमलाई शहर जो की शहडोल से लगभग 25 कि. मी. कि दूरी मे है । जिसका नाम भवतारनी मंदिर है । यह पराजें मंदिर है जो पत्थरों को काट कर बनाया गया है । भवतारनी मंदिर आदित्य बिरला ग्रुप द्वारा बनवाया गया है […]


Hey! i suggest you simple and useful website, You can do some works easily and fast. is an Indian free online tool website. And website created by me. So use this tool without any worries or tensions. Website – have Click to threeline menu and see all type of free tool […]

Convert any PDF file in Image file and Download converted images in just one click. So use online PDF to image converter on your mobile or computer. But downloaded images on RAR file. So use RAR file explorer and see converted images. How to Use Open or click here. Choose a PDF file for […]


You have a number and percentage? & want to know number and you have two numbers and want to percentage. So use Simplify Percentages tool on your computer or mobile. How to Use Open or click here. There is two different tools. 1 – Find number of percentage. 2 – Find percentage of numbers. […]

View any number’s math table using online math table generator. And if you want to show range wise table so enter start and end range then see. How can Do Go to or click here. Enter the number whose table is to be seen. Then click to View Table button and see entered number’s […]

Use Factorization tool on mobile or computer using any web browser. Open Factorization tool and find prime factor and all factors of any numbers. Use Online Factorization Tool Open or click here. Now enter number for find prime factor or all factors. Then click to given button to see prime factor or all factors. […]

Use HCF & LCM Calculator on your any device like – mobile or computer. And find HCF & LCM value of any multiple numbers. How to Use Go to or click here. Enter two or more number using comma. (example – 144,169,256) Then check to check box for HCF or LCM value. Now click […]

Use YT trending tool on mobile and computer web browser, And watch trending videos of any country. How to Do Open website. Then click to YouTube Trending Tool. Now select country and video category for watch trending video. Hope this tool and article helpful for you.


DDoS Attack – A sudden influx of a large amount of traffic to a website, caused by a hacker, is known as a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack. Example: If a website usually receives 10,000 visits per day and suddenly starts receiving 1 million visits the next day, it can be understood that the […]


Set important setting for SEO purpose and security. And add more information about your website/blog. So let’s start with simple steps . Official website – How to Do Login in Blogger first. Tab threeline menu and click on Settings. Now setup settings one by one. Title – set blog/website name. Description – set short […]

You want to earn money from home? and you want to simple tips for make money at home? So choose any tips and do now. Simple 5 tips for make money from Home Freelancing – you have knowledge on video editing, web development,  graphic designing or any other field. So make account on freelancer, fiverr, […]

If you have a lot of hair fall, then you should try what I did, by doing this your hair fall will control or stop . So read the words given below and do the same with yourself. Stop hair fall without any medicine / treatment Soak 3-4 almonds in 250 ml water before going […]