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Windows 10 Information | Types and Features

Windows 10 - HINDI

We all know that Windows is the GUI operating system which is the latest version of Microsoft. Many versions of Windows have been launched over the years, such as - Windows 7, Windows 8 are included, mainly many versions of Windows can only work in desktop and laptops, but we can easily run Windows 10 in tablets, mobile phones as well. Windows 10 is the updated Microsoft OS (operating system). Windows 10 has been released only for follow up to Windows 8. Windows 10 is updated periodically.
We all know that without the operating system we cannot even imagine computer desktops, laptops.

Types of Windows 10 -:

1 - Windows 10 Home -:
WINDOWS was created for common user use. Many BROWSER, AND APPS are updated in this Microsoft, so that users use them for their work.

2 - Windows 10 Mobile -:
It was made by Microsoft for a mobile phone, which is a good operating system for a Touch screen Device, that is, for a tablet, it has a variety of apps, Microsoft Tour is Microsoft's audition.

3 - Windows 10 ENTERPRISE-:
It is designed for a type of group that is organized in a large organized form.

4 - Windows 10 Mobile ENTERPRISE-:
This is for people who do their work online business. This is the operating system designed for them. This is useful for businesses like e-commerce.

5 - Windows 10 CORE -:
It is designed for robots, gadgets, low-priced DEVICES, ATM machines.

6 - Windows 10 EDUCATION -:
They are used in places related to school, COLLAGE, staff, teachers, student education.

7 - Windows 10 PRO -:
They are used for small business people to work on computers, laptop tablets etc.

Feature of windows 10

Updating Feature-:
In Windows 10, many updates and many new features are made from time to time that the user feels easy to use and we can use desktop laptops easily.

Start Menu-:
This helps us find the import APP easily compared to Windows 8. It does not use the Start screen. This has made the Start menu useful for easy use after Windows 8.

Microsoft EDGE-:
This is a new browser designed to make Windows users experience better work on a web. This means that you can replace Internet Explorer as the default web browser.

CORTONA can answer all of us with questions. We can talk to a virtual assistant with a computer microphone. CORTONA can answer our questions like how the weather is like this Siri, Google Now stuff is available on our computer.

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