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Title Name  - Laadli Shree Radhe Singer Name - Maanya Arora  Lyric -  Print Lyrics ek nazar kripa kar do laadli shree rad...

What is Router ? | Types of Router


A router connects one computer network to another computer network. It also works by connecting it to the network via wired or wireless, or in simple ways it can say that it connects the network to the internet. 

Types of ROUTER -

1. Broadband Router -
broadband router used to connect two or more computers or to connect to the Internet.

2. Wireless Router -
The wireless router that is most used in today's technological world, we all know by name that. it is used in home, school, collage, office.

3. core router -
The work of a core router is the largest or responsibility in which multiple routers are connected together such as an office or company or factory in which all routers are separate, which is connected to the core router.

4. Edge Router -
It is one of several types of router that work in harmony with external and internal protocols.

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