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What is a Microsoft power point ?

M.S. Power Point - 

Full name is MS OFFICE Power Point (MICROSOFT POWER POINT), we know it as PowerPoint. People like to know power point, which we use for presentation in school, in office, in which we make presentation program. Which can present our information, which we can share in the format of slides, in which we can make and share photos with our voice, by editing, during which we can also do the work of print etc. Ms PowerPoint is part of Microsoft Office.

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Why to Use Power Point

1. Trustworthy and reliable -
First of all, whenever a problem comes to you in Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft support is always ready to help you, Microsoft has the biggest hand in making the computer so famous and the king of every place, because of which even if you want to be trusted. It is known that we will find all types of presentation tools in it. We can count on it to be used for presentation in office, school, collage everywhere.

2. Video making facility -
PowerPoint has a SLIDE with the help of which we can convert it into video. Powerpoint did not have this feature in the starting version. This feature has been added in latest versions.

3. Ready for Job -
After learning the power point, the job offers start. We can use it to make a presentation, so we should learn this tool very well.

4. Animation Tools -
Animation tools become attractive in a way when in powerpoint we use it for effect. Powerpoint has built-in animation tools in which we add effect and make it a favorite for viewers.

5. Part of office suite -
Microsoft Office is the main part of PowerPoint which includes Word,  Excel and PowerPoint which is the most basic point of Microsoft in which we can use better tools to use. We use PowerPoint the most to make good your project presentation in those who use Microsoft more and more in the office.

6. Easy-to-use
We can use Microsoft Power Point in two ways, one is Microsoft Word and the other is Excel. It works better than both of these. We can learn the basics of PowerPoint in no time. We can make a good video, at the same time we can make the video better by adding our voice video CLIPS.

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