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What Is Computer Operating System | Definitions and Types

What is the operating system - HINDI

Operating system is a software that we will consider point to point -
  • Operating system is a system software that works to interface between a user, ie a person or us, a computer.
  • The first program to be loaded in the computer is the operating system which is the first to be loaded in the computer, due to which it is also called the program of programs.
  • Commuter, which is a system software, which is considered to be a group of directors which is stored in the storage device of the computer, in which resources and operations are managed. .
  • The operating system manages all the instructions that come in the computer.
  • If a computer does not have OS ie operating system, then that computer would be not to someone's work, that is, in the category of USELESS, we can call OS as the heart of the computer.
  • The most important job of OS, is to RUN all programs and applications. It acts like a bridge between the hardware and software of a computer. In a multitask computer, many programs run at the same time, which application time is required to open which applications, this is the DECIDE.

There are two types of operating systems

1 - Character user interface (CUI) -:
To run CUI, OS, we need COMMAND, without the command, we cannot run CUI, to run it, we have to type the command. We also have to remember the command to type.
Ex -DOS is a CUI operating system. This work is used in moderation.

2 - Graphical user interface (GUI) -:
To run the GUI we do not need a command nor need a keyboard because we have to type in it only, it is just Behavior friendly so that anyone can use without command.
Ex-windows that we use more and more on desktop and laptops, it comes in the GUI operating system.

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