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Why does a sudden weight gain ?

Why does a sudden weight gain-

The problem of sudden weight gain occurs to everyone and the reason is not even known and the swelling of the limbs and stomach. So today we will learn about both reason and solution -

Reason -

  • more stress.
  • Eating more than hunger.
  • Consumption of fat items.
  • Consumption of market packed  food .
  • Sometimes not eating even when feeling hungry makes the body bloated.
  • Consuming more caffeine, tea and coffee.
  • Too tired and not resting.
  • Lack of sleep
  • Eating a lot of sweet.
  • Consumption of sugar and tea and coffee in high amounts.
  • side effects of a medicine also causes obesity.
  • Obesity also increases due to aging.
  • Changes in food also affect.
  • Consumption of dairy products like cheese, milk etc.
  • Sometimes fat also accumulates in the liver.
  • Sugar also increases obesity and weight.
  • Thyroid also causes weight.

Solution -

  • First of all, you have to do yoga everyday.
  • Start running, at least walk or run in the morning.
  • As hard as you are, you have to do hard work, you can also do a little housework like sweeping mop and also hard work like lifting weights, keeping things from here and there etc.
  • Discard excess fat items such as packaged gram flour, flour made from flour, etc.
  • Do not eat medicine in every disease, such as pan killer etc., the body starts bloating with the use of medicine and the medicine does not suit when the time comes.
  • Reduce calories and do not consume too much fat.
  • If there is a problem of sugar, do not consume sugar, take sugar free things.
  • You can also exercise for more than 1 hour during a work day.
  • If stress can work, then be happy in a large amount and keep people happy and laugh openly.
  • Eat only a little, eat light food.
  • You do not to drink milk tea, drink green or black tea.
  • What you need is to get at least 7,8 hours of full sleep.
  • Leave things with fat too much.
  • You do not have to be lazy, do not sit in one place.

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