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Who is an unpaid seller and what is rights of sellers

Unpaid seller -

AN unpaid seller is a person who has not pay the price of goods and services . whom the whole price  has not been tendered the seller of the goods has deemed to be unpaid seller.

Some Definition of unpaid Seller-

  1. if the whole sale price has been paid or tendered.
  2. when the bills of exchange or other negotiable instrument  has been received as conditional payment.

Rights of an unpaid seller

  1. right of unpaid seller  against the goods.
  2. rights of unpaid seller against the buyers personally.

1 - Right of unpaid seller against the goods-

  • when the property of the goods has been passed.
  • right of lien [ unpaid seller has been retain the goods].
  • right to stoppage in transit  .
  • right to resale the goods.

2 - rights of unpaid seller against the buyer personally-

  • right to sue for a price .
  • right to sue for damage.
  • right to rescission of sale contract before the due date. 
  • right to sue for interest.

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