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Who is Pledger and what is his rights and duties

Pledger or pawnor

if time is stipulated for the , payment of debt or performance for the promise for pledge is made and pawnor makes ,in payment of debt at the stipulated time any type of expenses which arisen ,from his default .

Rights of pawnor or pledger

  • the pledge is entitled to claim back the security goods of payment of debt with interest and other charges.
  • the pledge may receive  a notice in case the pledge intended, to sell the goods, if he does'not receive reasonable notice  he shall have the right  to claim any loss that may result on such sale
  • the pledge can claim for any accrual to be good pledged.
  • if any damages cause to the goods due to mishandling or negligence towards the pledege,  the pledge has right to claim.
  • the pledge is entitled to  receive  from the pledge any surplus that may remain with him after  the debt  is complete paid off.

Duties of pledger or pawnor

  • a pledger must disclose all material , fault of extra ordinary risks to which the pledger may be exposed.
  • a pledger is responsible to meet any extraordinary expenditure incurred by the pledge.
  • any shortfall must be made, good by pledger.
  • any pledger may liable for damages ,causes to the pledge because the defect in title.

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