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What Kinds or Types of Agent

Types of agent

1 - express agent- an agent who appoint as ,verbally or by written is called express agent.
2 - implied agent- an implied agent is one whose, appointment in to be informed from conduct .
3 - general or specific agent- it is represent as, a principal .
4 - special agent- a special person who is authority to do something particular act .
5 - universal agent- it is a person who transact, all business activities.
6 - agent and sub agent- a agent authority to principal, directly and a sub agent direct authority from agent.
7 - mercantile agent- it has the authority to ,sell goods or to consign goods -
[i] factors -  a factor  is mercantile , agent  is possession  of goods is given  to sell the same .
[ii] broker -  broker is also a mercantile agent,  engaged  to buy  and sell  goods  and amke bargains.
[iii] auctioneer -  it is a person ,who is appointed to sell  goods  at a public  auction.
[iv] commission agent -   it is who  consider commission engages  to purchase  or sell goods,  he buy  and sell the goods .
[v] banker -  the relationship between  banker and customer  is either  debtor and creditor.
[vi] indentor -  it is a person who works for  commission.

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