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What is Performance of Contract | Types of Contract Essentials of Valid Tender

Performance of the contract

A legal contract creates a obligation between the parties.

these contract cannot be separated from the contract

  • when these contract are carrying out.
  • when a party who wishes to enforce their other parties obligation
  • when a parties who perform their performance is thereby performed from promise

Types of performance

1 - Actual performance
when all the parties to a contract have done with they had undertaken under taken contract

2 - Attempted performance
when one party to a party offer to perform the contract at proper time and place in a proper manner.

Essential of an offer and performance

  1. it must be unconditional .
  2. it must be placed a fix and proper time and place.
  3. proper opportunity of inspection .
  4. the tender must be whole.
  5. it must be make proper person .
  6. it must be make proper from .
  7. tender of goods must be quality and quantity.

Essence of the contract

  • express agreement .
  • commercial transaction involving.
  • time of shipment .
  • auction sale .
  • time of renewal lease .

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