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What is Liability of Negotiable Instrument and What is Holders due Courses.

What is holder in due Courses

  • he become the holder for valuable consideration - he become holder in very special conditions .
  • he become holder before maturity of the instrument - for a bill or note he become holder .
  • he becomes the holder in good faith -holder become holder without having sufficient causes to believe.

Liability of parties to negotiable instrument

  • liability of drawer.
  • liability of drawer or cheque.
  • liability of maker  of note and acceptance of bill .
  • liability of endorser.
  • liabilities of prior parties.
  • liability of maker,drawer and acceptance as a principal .

Privilege of holder in due courses

  • estoppel against inchoate .
  • prior party is liable to a holder.
  • acceptor cannot escape liability on fictitious .
  • not affected  by condition.
  • not affected by the fraud of a prior party .
  • not affected by conditions or special purpose delivery.

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