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What is Difference Between Lien and Pledge

Basic Difference of lein and pledge


  1. Section - it is under sec 170,171.
  2. Meaning - lein means right of one person to retain  the possession of goods belonging to another .
  3. Origin - lien arises out of law.
  4. Purpose - its purpose is to  compel another person to pay his debt or to perform his promise.
  5. Right to Sell - there is no right to sell pledge.
  6. Terminate of Contract - right of lien is lost if the possession is lost .


  1. Section - it is dealt with under  sec 172.
  2. Meaning - pledge means bailment of goods as security for payment of debt .
  3. Origin - it is arises out of an agreement.
  4. Purpose - its purpose is to secure the payment of debt or performance of promise.
  5. Right To Sell - Pawnee can sell the goos pledged after giving reasonable notice.
  6. Terminate of Contract - pledge is terminate as soon as the debt is paid and goods are returned.

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