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What is Contract of Agency | its Essentials


the person employed to do any act for another person and dealing with third person is an agent thus an agent is a person who act in place of another. but every person who acts for another can not be an agent nobody can become an agent on behalf of another merely because he gives advice.


agency is relation depend upon an agreement whereby one person is authorized to act for another with thirty party . the agreement may express or implied the person who is authorized to act it is called an agent who is employs him for work is called principal.

Essential of agency

  1. appointment of an agent - there should be appointment of an agent by by the principal.
  2. authority- the principal confers authority on agent to act for him.
  3. principal liable- the authorities conferred should make the principal to third party.
  4. relationship- the object of the appointment of an agent must be to establish legal relationship between both.
  5. consideration is not necessary- the relationship of agency is based on trust between the principal and agent..

Who May Employ Agent

any person who is of the age of majority he is subject and who is sound mind may employ an agent thus minor or lunatic person cannot appoint an agent since they are not capable to contract an also appoint agent.

Who May Be an Agent

it is immaterial whether or not the agent is legally competent to contract there is no restriction to the appointment of minor as agent.

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