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What is Contingent Contracts | Explain Essential Elements and Rules Regarding

Contingent contracts

a contract may be conditional contract or unconditional contract  in case of unconditional contract parties are bound to discharge their duties without any condition on other hand conditional contract are bound to discharge their duties only on the happening  or non happening of the event .

A contract to pay B 2000,  if B`s shop is burn this is a contingent contract.

Some exams of contingent contract

  • success is an litigation .
  • success in competition.
  • occurring  of an accident.
  • recovery from serious disease.

Essentials of contingent contract

  • contract is do or not do something.
  • it is depends upon contingency .
  • the event must be collateral.
  • event must be within the control or on or both parties out of control.
  • the event should not be mere will of the promisor .

Rules regarding of contingent contract

  • enforcement of contract on event happening.
  • enforcement of contract contingent of event not happening .
  • if event on which contract is contingent to be deemed impossible.
  • agreement contingent on impossible event void.

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