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Who is Bailor And Bailee | what is Rights and Duties


the person delivering the goods.

Rights of bailor

  1. rights to terminate the contract- where bailee does any act with regard to goods bailed which is against to goods bailed which is gainst the conditions of bailment.
  2. right to deemed return in case of gratuitous bailment- the bailor is right to deemed return of goods every before the expiry of period or accomplish.
  3. right to deemed return after accomplishment- bailor can deemed return on the goods.
  4. right to claim accretion- there is natural accretion to goods bailed.
  5. right to claim compensation- bailor has right right to claim compensation.

Duties of bailor

  • duty to disclose faults in the goods.
  • duty to repay  necessary expensess.
  • duty to indemnify bailee for loss due  to defective  title.
  • duty to bear normal loss.
  • duty to receive goods back or to pay  compensation.


the person whom goods are delivered is called the bailee.

Right to bailee

  1. right to claim damges .
  2. right to claim remuneration  and necessary expenses.
  3. right to be indemnified.
  4. right to recover loss.
  5. right to lien .
  6. baiment  by several joint owners.

Duties of bailee

  • duty  to reanable case of goods.
  • duty not make  unauthrised use of goods bailed.
  • duty not to mix bailor.goods  with his own goods.
  • duty to return goods.
  • duty to return any accretion to the goods bailed liable.
  • duty not to setup any adverse title against the baior.

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