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What is Bailment | its essential elements, kinds and rewards.


Bailment is the delivery of goods by one person to another person for same purpose upon a contract that they shall when the purpose is accomplished be returned or otherwise disposed according to direction of the person delivering them.

  • bailor - the person delivering the good is called bailor.
  • bailee - the person whom goods is delivered.

Essential features of bailment

  1. a contractbailment is based on contract it is created by agreement.
  2. delivery of goods by one person to anotherit is a process of delivering a  goods for specific purpose the word delivery is very wide.
  3. specific person and return of goods - the delivery of goods for special purposeif goods are delivered by mistake there is  no bailment delivering a goods being for purpose.

kinds of bailment

  1. deposit- delivering a goods by one person to another personto keep for the use of the bailor.
  2. commondum- goods lent to a friend gratis.
  3. hire- goods lent to bailee for hire.
  4. pawan and pledge-deposit of goods by another by way of security for money borrrowed.

Bailment on the basis of rewards

  1. gratuitous bailment- a baolment is neither bailor nor bailee entitled to receive any kind of remuneration.
  2. non gratuitous bailment- bailment in which either the bailor or bailee gets some remuneration.

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