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Fundamentals of Computer and Its Characteristics

what is computer

computer is a machine capable of solving problems and strore accepts data process the data by doing some mathematical and logical operations and gives us the desired output 
computer =compute + er

The defination  of computer can be traced under its name also : 

computer -
let us begin with the word 'computer' it means to calculate ' we all are familiar with calculations in our day day-to day life.
we apply mathematical operations like addition ,subtraction , multiplication etc.   

why is the computer such an important machine-

  • if u are a child , you can say because it plays such wonderful games
  • if u are a mathematician , you can say because it calculates every function in an instant
  • if u are a musician ,you can say because it gives me the opportunity  to compose and play every kind of music so easily .
  • if u are ...anybody , you can say because it gives me all the information i need all the entertainment i need ,all the contacts i need, every mental instrument i need,and more..


  1. SPEED:-  As you know computer can work very fast nd easlily.It takes only few seconds for calculations that we  take hours to complete...
  2. RELIABILITY: - Computer is always reliable than human or other data source or destination in respect of acceptance and working .we can save data as per our need and access them . in modern computing , we can search our data using multiple search options and advance options.
  3. ACCURACY:- The degree of accuracy of computer is very high and every calculation is performed with the same accuracy..
  4. DILIGENCE:- A Computer is free from tiredness,lack of concentration ,fatigue etc .It can work for hours without  creating any error .
  5. VERSATILITY:- It means the capicity to perform completely different type of work .you may use your computer prepare payroll silps 
  6. NO FEELING :- It does not have feeling or emotion ,taste,knowledge and experience . thus it does not get tired even after long hours of work . it does not distinguish between users.
  7. STORAGE:-The computer has an in built memory where it can store a large amount of data .you can also store data in secondary storage devices such as floppies , which can be kept outside your computer and can be carried to other  computers.
  8. LOGICAL:- Computer process data using its ALU [Arithmetic and logic unit].any operation executes here or any program or software made,is always based on logics.

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