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Diabetes patient eat and what not.

Diabetes -

Diabetes disease has become very common in today's era, it can happen to children as well as old and young people. Ayurveda is the only thing that can eliminate every disease from the root of the patients। 
There may be a problem like seizures,  but if we want, we can reduce our disease only by prevention, prevention is the only thing that we can fight against this disease.

Do not eat them -

  1. Stop eating cold drinks and stop using pack Sarbat, Rasna, Mango Juice etc.
  2. Do not consume mangoes
  3. Do not eat pakoras and coconut sweets.
  4. Do not eat things made of banana potatoes, samosas, fine flour.
  5. Abandon things made from sugar etc.

Must eat these -

  1. If possible, drink fresh fruit juice, it gives benefits.
  2. eat moong dal.
  3. Include soybeans in the diet.
  4. Eat peanuts, eggshells, fish etc.
  5. eat  bitter gourd.
  6. Eat fig dates in dry fruits.
  7. Consumption of apple, orange, papaya, pear, pineapple, etc. in fruits.
  8. Eat salad everyday like spinach, onion tomato chilli etc.
  9. If possible, drink water of lentils daily.
  10. Drink soup
  11. Drink more water.
  12. Get plenty of sleep.

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