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Brief Description and Difference of Computer Hardware & Software.

Computer Hardware & Software - HINDI

As we all know that computers are made up of two things. It has happened that if the computer does not have these two things, it is as if the soul has to leave the body
Similarly, the computer has two components (hardware and software), in which hardware is the physical component. 


The hardware being a physical part of a computer can be touched, seen, and felt. 
Every part of a computer system that we see and touch and feel is hardware. Such as processor , RAM, ROM, BIOS, CMOS ।etc. all come in the hardware.


Software is the part of the computer that orders the hardware to work. It is said that IT students are given information about how working hardware or web browsers, gamers, and word processes bring software to work, such as Microsoft Excel PowerPoint Word, which is part of the operating seats.

Two types of software are used in computers

  • System Software
  • application software

System software -

A software is needed to make the computer work properly. When we use a computer, we need a Windows installation, without which no system of the computer is running, when we feed a hard disk to the computer. Which is a hardware device. If there is no software in the computer, then the data feed in the hard disk will not be able to work. Drives are software programs. Hard ware and software is dependent on each other in some way.

Application Software -

Application software is a type of software. There are two variant application software. 
Objective Software for simple task purpose use , and Customized Software that is customized according to customer needs. General purpose software can be used for all users like msword Other and library management software account management software which is an example of customized software. 

Difference between hardware and software-

Hardware is the part of the computer that the user instructs, while software is the part of the computer that the hardware instructs
Hardware DVS can be viewed and touched while there is a set of software programs that can be seen but cannot be touched. 
In software, the system software is described in the application software processing software category, while the hardware is described as types such as input output, whichever part of it can be called hardware whereas Windows Linux is an example of Microsoft software.


After reading the difference we find that due to lack of hardware and software in the computer, any work can be not , both are dependent on each other.

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