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Title Name  - Dil Ko Maine Di Kasam Cast/Starring - Asim Riaz & Himanshi Khurana Singer Name - Amaal Mallik ft. Arijit Singh ...

What is Socialism | Its Features, Merits and Demerits


socialism is an economic system  where means of production are managed by state govt
the state govt managed  total consumption  socialism is public ownership of companies  it controls the distribution of income its gives equality.

Features of socialism

  •  to provide equitable distribution of income
  • it gives ownership  to govt
  •  it creates many economics loss
  • it determines the economics activities 
  • all profit earn by entrepreneurs

Merits of socialism

  • it provides better allocation of resources.
  • it is controlled by state .
  • to need to struggle.
  •  it reduce equality of income .
  • it reduce the unemployment.
  •  it reduce the monopoly of our country.

Demerits of socialism

  •  lack of proper planning
  •  it moves one place to another and waste time  and money .
  • it promotes corruption...
  • it does not give  to individual freedom.

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