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What is proposal | its features and Essentials


an offer is also called proposal .

eg  --priya is offers  to sell his car 2000 this is offer and ram is accepted his offer it becomes promise

Characteristics of proposal

  1. there must be more then 2 parties.
  2. for doing work for not doing work .
  3. with the option of acceptance .

Essential element of agreement

  1. it has clear cut objectives
  2. it creates legal relationship between
  3. offer may be specific or general
  4. offer is a request
  5. communication between special conditions of the parties
  6. invitation is an make a proposal.
  7. it must be insurance of proposal
  8. it is a one side activity

Minor contract

minor is a person who is not completed  his 18 year of age is called a minor making a contract with a minor is illegal not accepted in law.
  1. contract with a minor is void.
  2. an minor can be beneficiary.
  3. minor cannot become the partner.
  4. a minor can be agent.
  5. a minor can be declared insolvent .
  6. minor is a shareholder.

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