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What is Fundamental Terminology

Fundamental terminology

fundamental terminology essential to understand the  act or law these word are very useful.
proposal-proposal is an expression or intention to do . 

>> promise - when someone accept it it becomes proposal.
>> promisor or promisee - maker are promissory and who is accepting he become promise
eg - when two person in a contract a and b , a is making or offering and b is accepting it b becomes promise .
>> contract- an agreement which is enforceable by law is a contact one one person making a contract is a contract for specific goal.


when a person accept his contact it becomes agreement.., every promise and set of promise are accepted it becomes agreement.

Law and Sections

  • law of contact-- sec 1 to 75
  • sales of goods --76-123
  • guarantee--124 to 147
  • Bailment ---148 to 181
  • agency-- 182 to 238
  • laws on partnership--- 239 to 266


Business law conduct on the regulate for people doing a business .

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