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What is Entrepreneurs, importance and characteristics

importance of entrepreneur

entrepreneur plays a very important role in rapid economic development  of our nation  it is also help in how to utilize the resources of our country.
An entrepreneur behave like leader who plans everything on  systematic way  and work perfectly in a planned manner.

Importance of Entrepreneur

  1. it has an important role in context of developing of our  nation 
  2. it help in a various types of sociology economic problem
  3. it help in a industrial sector  service farm sector also 
  4. it help in a economic problem  imbalance of regional  
  5. it help in a promote development of our country

Characteristic  of an entrepreneur

  1. Economic activity - it is an economic activity  because it involve the creation  and operating of enterprise.
  2. Goal oriented - it create enterprise seeks to earn profit  satisfaction of customers need.
  3. Creativity activity - means creative thinking which one had never thought  its  means think for innovation use new one in place of old one.
  4. Gap filling person - it is gap filling person  between needs and demand  of customers .

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