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What is Economic Planning | its Objectives. Failure, Needs and Achievement,

Economic planning

economic planning is making decision, economic decision and schemes to meet certain objectives in India. it is the process to reach goal in a certain period.

Why economic planning is necessary

  • it is for economic development
  • it removes the poverty
  • it gives good standard of living
  • it also increase the capital formation
  • it gives unequal distribution on income

Objectives of economic planning

  • it gives high rate growth
  • it increase investment income
  • it remove the poverty
  • it remove the unemployment
  • it gives job opportunity

Failure of economic plans

  • some times it gets negative reaction
  • it increase unemployment
  • abnormal growth of population
  • unproductive expenditure
  • some times it gives slow economic growth
  • defective process of planning
  • it gives bias growth of profit
  • unproductive expenditure

Achievement of economic planning

  • it increase the national income
  • it gives price stability
  • it gives capital formation
  • it gives development on science
  • it gives social justice
  • employment generation .

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