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Title Name  - Dil Ko Maine Di Kasam Cast/Starring - Asim Riaz & Himanshi Khurana Singer Name - Amaal Mallik ft. Arijit Singh ...

what is DBMS | its need characteristics and also word processor

Data base ,management system

  • data base management is  a software program
  • data base management receive instruction from data base administration 
  • data base mgmt also provide  data independent  
  • data base mgmt always gives independence users to create own data 

Need of data base management

  • it controls the redundancy.
  • it create data base
  • it update the date base. 
  • it manage data .

Characteristics of DBMS-

  • it provide proper security .
  • it has a nature of self describing .
  • it support multiple views of data .
  • it help to users to share data.

Application of DBMS

  • banking
  • finance
  • sales
  • manufacturing

Word processing

word processing is a activity to allow print documents write tax store information. it is a standard machine. it is a new form of typewriters.
word processor has a feature of insert text,cut paste, copy make correct sentence without retyping.

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