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what is Contract | its features and essential


  • contact is an agreement creating defining the rights AND obligation of contract.
  • when a person inter into a bus he also makes a contract.
  • one a person buy something also make a contract .
  • contract is an agreement.
  • in a contract two parties are involve..
  • agreement creates rights and obligation between parties.

Features of contract

  • contract is an agreement between two parties.
  • contract requires more then one parties.
  • contract creates a legal relationships
  • it is enforceable by law..
  • every agreement cannot become contract...
  • every contract can becomes agreement.

Essential of valid contract

  • offer and acceptance is a contract.
  • someone has a intention to create legal relationship.
  • it has the certain meaning.
  • possibility to performance.
  • it is necessary to legal formalities.

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