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What is Agreement | its features and its types


an agreement gives birth to  the contract,when a proposal is accepted.
it becomes agreement = proposal +acceptance

Features of agreement-

  1. two or more parties in a agreement.
  2. mutual consent between parties.
  3. legal relationship between the parties.
  4. it is a facility to good communication which is properly understand.

Types of agreement

five types of agreement.
  1. on the basic of enforce ability - agreement which is enforceable by law 1. agreement by law 2.void agreement.
  2. basic on legal - two types of agreement 1. legal 2.illegal.
  3. basic of performance - two types of performance 1. executed and executory.
  4. the basic of formation - two formations are 1. express and 2. implied.
  5. basic of completeness - 1.enforceable  agreement and 2. unenforceable.

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