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Signs of being a Wise Man

Wise man

A person who is intelligent, has some such symptoms from childhood which are not found in any ordinary person or very few people see such symptoms.

So some of the symptoms which are there in a wise person -

  1. According to research, people who live alone and talk to themselves, they quickly understand any problem and overcome it and by keeping silent more time, their IQ also increases.
  2. People who ask more questions are of such a creative mind and keep thinking about something and question the thought they are immersed in, and they do not stop questioning until they get the answer. 
  3. People who like to be alone and stay away from the noise, different parts of his person's brain start developing and IQ keeps on increasing.
  4. A person who is not afraid to do anything and thinks of doing something new, reaches that goal quickly.
If such a person, do not call him crazy or not laugh at his antics, such people go ahead and do something new and keep moving forward towards their success.

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