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Loss Your Weight with Daily Routine

Loss Weight

The way to loss the weight is very easy, if we take care in our daily routine by taking some things and eating some food, then within a few days we will be able to slim ourselves. There are some tips that you will have to follow and at least you should keep doing that do for 15 to 20 days, you will start to see the effect in the meantime.

  1. Wake up in the morning on an empty stomach and drink add lemon on lukewarm water
  2. Get up morning and go for a walk for 30 minutes or more.
  3. Do not take breakfast with enough fat, this will not help you to gain weight and the weight will definitely loss. you can take egg, fruit and milk and some dry fruits, you can also make fruit and vegetable salad, Your weight will also be fine with this, you will also get protein vitamin c etc.
  4. You can eat oats in the evening. Eating less and eating small amounts is good, because it takes time to digest food.
  5. Take dinner only a little lighter and after eating the food, go for walking little bit and do not go to the bed immediately.

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