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Title Name  - Dil Ko Maine Di Kasam Cast/Starring - Asim Riaz & Himanshi Khurana Singer Name - Amaal Mallik ft. Arijit Singh ...

Global business environment and international trade and its needs

Global business environment -

the international trading environment consist of all business activities,  design to plan price place promotion  and direct flow of goods and services of companies .

The entire international trading environment  can be divided into two categories-

1.  controllable factor -  in this factor is internal to the environment  and effectively control them.
eg.- hr  capital ,innovation policies ,new ides.

2. uncontrollable factor-- this factor is  external to the environment   it is directly and indirectly  affect its functioning.
eg-  economic forces ,geographical  factor etc.

Need of international trade -

  1. it is necessary  for competition.
  2. it is for utilization of resources.
  3. it is helpful for  necessary for development of country .
  4. it increase in availability  of things .
  5. it increase the level of demand.
  6. it increase job opportunity .
  7. it increase prosperity level  of country .

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