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Entrepreneurship in Innovating Function | Export and Import Economic Development

Role of Entrepreneurship in innovating function 

  1. new market - entrepreneur is always searches  for a new product in market  customers need and wants and fashion are also given as a priority
  2. new product - launching a new product in a market  making research  on need competition of product
  3. new product process - firstly making of product or production process  and packaging and advertising of product and last step is selling.

Export and import

  • Export - it is the function of forecasting of  needs  of customers need and society need of good quality product  and also depends on demand of the country How much they like our product .
  • import - entrepreneur makes list of product goods imported and then collect resources  to produce  those goods with their trails  if they produce good in less rate with good quality  than import  if  goods are expensive  then not import its saves our nation  from foreign debt,

Economic Development   

  • it increase or national income 
  • it help in balanced development 
  • means of social changes 
  • help in  rapid economic development
  • it help in capital formation 
  • many types of govt policies are executed  
  • it help in social satisfaction  
  • development of entrepreneurs

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