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Advantages and disadvantages of drinking Pot water

Pitcher - HINDI

Cold water on summer days means that nectar is found and if the water is naturally cold, it is even better. Therefore, you should bring a pitcher made of mud to your home and drink its cold water. If you use the fridge for cold water, do not. With the help of some gas in the fridge, things cool down which causes damage to the body.

How to use -

First of all, bring a new pitcher made of clay, pour clean water in it, then leave that water to cool down for some time. Now if the water has cooled down and you want to drink it, use a water dispenser to drain the water, if you immerse your hand in the pitcher, then the capacity of the water cooling pitcher is over.

Benefits of drinking Pitcher water-

  1. Helps improve digestion.
  2. Keeps away from cancer disease.
  3. Prevents throat problems.
  4. Balances the pH level of water, which helps prevent gastric and acid related problems.
  5. Asthma patients or paralysis patients can get rid of this disease if they drink water from the pot.
  6. Economically speaking, it is available at a lower price and it completely cools the water naturally.

Loss -

  • Well, there is no harm, but when you add water to the Pitcher, make sure that the water you are putting in the Pitcher is completely clean and there should be no garbage or insects in it.
  • When you drain water from the Pitcher, do not immerse your hands in the Pitcher, use anything that is helpful in removing the water and do not submerge your hand.

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