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What To Do If The Laptop Starts Running Slowly After A Few Days

What i Do when the laptop is running slow after a few days - HINDI

If you have not Operate your laptop for a few days or even after running it daily, your laptop has become more slow than a few days ago, or  it is taking too long to start or you install a new operating system in your laptop If doing, then processing is very slowly
try this in such a way -
  • If possible, remove the laptop's ram and re-install it.
  • If possible, remove the hard disk and re-install it back.

If doing this does not work, then try System Diagnosis -

How to do System Diagnosis -
Search the search engine by writing the name of the company whose laptop you have, and if you have a DELL laptop, then I tell you how to do System Diagnostics of Dell's laptop.
>> Press the F12 button while starting the laptop until the Boot Menu opens.
>> Now you have to click on Diagnostics, then this processing will start by itself and it may take 10-15 minutes, then let this processing happen. And maybe a process comes and if you want to recommend it, then you should choose it.
>> After processing Complete, you restart your laptop once and then press F2 until the BIOS Menu opens.
>> Now go to EXIT and click LOAD DEFAULT SETTING, then press F10 and click in YES.

Now try running your laptop, your laptop will start running at the same speed as before.

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