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Sant Ravidas Ji's Prediction

Sant Ravidas Ji's prediction - HINDI

Friends, Sant Ravidas ji had already written the poem that corresponds to the outbreak of Corona virus today, some lines of which are as follows -

चीन अरब की धुरी बनेगी। विध्वंसक ताकत उभरेगी ।। 
सभी तरफ संगीन लड़ाई। घाटें में होंगे ईसाई ।। 
ईटली में कोहराम मचेगा। लंदन सागर में डूबेगा ।।
युद्ध तीसरा प्रलयंकारी।  जो होगा भारी संहारी ।। और ...

Now in the line written in this poem, which I understood and the same situation is present in the whole world, I try to explain to you -
1- China will become the axis of Arabia. Destructive power will emerge
You all know that coronavirus has originated from China and is a very dangerous virus which has not been able to break it yet.

2- Bayonet battle on all sides. Christians will be in the wharves.
Its effect is seen in the entire world of the world, and the person who is very rich and capable from every side is also worried about this disease.

3- There will be chaos in Itali. Will drown in the London Sea.
It seems right from today's point that the highest number of deaths due to coronavirus has occurred in Italy itself.

4- War Third Holocaust. Which will be heavy.
In a way, this is only the third war in the world, in which all the country is suffering, loss of life and loss of money.

सभी तरफ कोहराम मचेगा। कैसे हिन्दुस्तान बचेगा ।। 
नेता, मंत्री और अधिकारी। जान बचाना होगा भारी।। 
छोड़ सब मैदान भागेंगे। सब अपने अपने घर दुबकेंगे ।। और...

I want to tell the meaning of this poem, what I understood is as follows -
1- There will be chaos on all sides. How will India survive.
There is trouble on all sides, and now in India, this problem is increasing day by day, how can this problem be avoided.

2- Leaders, Ministers and Officers. Life will have to be saved.
Every person is trying to save his life, but not successful.

3-Everyone will run away. Everyone will dwell in their respective homes.
This thing is also now right, all the people of the country or abroad are all entering their homes, fearing that they may not get sick.

This poem has been found from the internet, I do not know how much truth is there in this poem, but it is happening as it is written.

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