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PM Modi Tweet 'India Suspends Visas Of Travelers'

New Delhi - HINDI

After coronavirus cases surfaced in Delhi, Noida and Lucknow, on Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted that visas on Italy, Japan, South Korea and Iran have also been banned along with exports of important medicines.
It is also said that there is no need to panic. We need to work together, take important steps to ensure self-protection.

Due to the effect of coronavirus, the Indian government has also banned the export of 26 more medicines, including paracetamol.

Escape tips -

 Those who have succeeded in escaping from the coronavirus have more immunity in their body due to which they have been treated and they have survived the corona virus, then you should also start increasing your immunity from now on.
Try and Apply These-
  • Green tea and black tea, drink only one to two cups a day. Consumption in excess can cause harm.
  • Eating raw garlic increases immunity.
  • Consumption of curd also increases immune power. Which helps in increasing the resistance.
  • Eat fruits or vegetables that contain vitamin C or vitamin D, these are also helpful in increasing immunity.

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