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What Is Coronavirus | Symptoms | Caution | Escape Tips

Coronavirus  - HINDI

According to the World Health Organization, the virus originated from sea food and the virus is thought to have originated from a seafood market in Wuhan city of Huawei province, Balna.

The virus harmful for humans and animals Life


Difficulty in breathing, sore throat, colds, coughs and fever which can later take the form of pneumonia.


  • Stay a minimum of 2 meters away from a person with a cold, cough or cold.
  • Reduce the use of sea food.
  • Eat clean and pure food.
  • Whenever you touch hands with a stranger or touch any given item, wash your hands.
  • Do not use any stranger's soap, shampoo or anything else that is applied in the body.

Escape tips -

 Those who have succeeded in escaping from the coronavirus have more immunity in their body due to which they have been treated and they have survived the corona virus, then you should also start increasing your immunity from now on. Apply in Your Daily Routine -
  • Green tea and black tea, drink only one to two cups a day. Consumption in excess can cause harm.
  • Eating raw garlic increases immunity.
  • Consumption of curd also increases immune power. Which helps in increasing the resistance.
  • Eat fruits or vegetables that contain vitamin C or vitamin D, these are also helpful in increasing immunity.

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