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If you're Purchasing a new mobile, you should have this information

Friends If you want to Buy a new mobile or are thinking of Buying it, So know what should happen in mobile and what not to do , - HINDI

i want to tell you Three things.
1 The company must be good and trustworthy.
2 The quality of the hardware should be high.
3 Durabilit


Friends If you buy goods , you will have the goods of the company you have heard of or the product of that company you have used , so i tell you that not all companies can make all kinds of good stuff . So , while taking your mobile , make sure that you buy the same company' s mobile which is outdated and more used .


In hardware you need to have three things in your mobile
Ram, Rom and Processor, like these three hardware have their own properties

RAM - If your mobile's RAM is low, you'll have a problem multitasking, I mean that when you use more than one APPs, then Slow or Lags performance in your mobile will increase and any ones you minimize and return to each other will be removed from the application. Restart will take place and start running from the beginning, so try to buy a mobile with as much More RAM as possible.

ROM - If your mobile has low internal memory, let me tell you that any OS, whether Android or iOS predefined files on all operating systems is already in place memory at least 4 GB to 8 GB. If you can, take the same number of internal memory with 64 GB or more.

Processor - Speeds up the running time of a software, i.e. when you a video editor, or games, reduce mobile Hang with low processors or gradually reduce it, or you can edit the video with the help of some kind of video editor. If you're saved or exported, how long does the video save or export, if your mobile has a higher processor and a higher clock speed, the processing speed you will have on your mobile .

3 - Durability 

You'll also know that a mobile display is broken, but you'll need to take COMPANY's mobile if you want your mobile to last longer, depending on how long the camera, speaker, MIC and body can last. In my view, NOKIA, Sony, Samsung, Motorola, Apple, LG and Blackberry are the ones who make up the best mobile and give us a good service.  

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